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Order Summary

Features Inclusive

Many great features included with every order.
The following features are included in the price:

  • Game DDoS-Protection
  • Unlimited Slots
  • Dedicated RAM
  • Full FTP Access
  • Autmatic Backups
  • MySQL Database

Verfügbare Versionen

We offer you numerous versions to choose from.
You can choose these versions on our servers:

  •   Vanilla
  •   Spigot
  •   Craftbukkit
  • Paper
  • Forge
  •   Feed The Beast

Our Partners  

Our Webinterface

With the help of our simple web interface, you can not only start and stop your Minecraft server, you can also easily select and install your desired plug-ins from more than 140,000 available plug-ins.

Free Subdomain

So that you and your friends can easily connect to your server, we offer each server a free subdomain (xxx.instant-mc.de), which you can easily manage in the web interface.

Credit charge

You can easily and conveniently charge your balance with us using Paysafecard, PayPal, instant bank transfer or bank transfer without having to pay the transfer fee.

Instant Setup

Your rented Minecraft server is immediately available to you and your friends after the purchase is complete. The login data for the web interface will be sent to you immediately by e-mail.

The 3 most frequently asked questions

The RAM rented by you is available to you without exception. We do not operate like other companies overselling, but provide our customers 100% of the rented hardware (if the server needs to avail this).

The storage space on your Minecraft server is limited to 50GB (SSD), but if your server needs more, it will automatically be allocated more. Your storage space will never reach the maximum, which is great for you.

Our servers are exclusively hosted in the OVH data center in Limburg (near Frankfurt am Main), on dedicated hardware. OVH Game Anti-DDoS Protection, which has been developed for years and specialized for game and voice servers, protects our servers from all kinds of attacks. In addition to DDoS protection, since Day 1 of our company, we have been expanding our Firewall filter bars to provide additional protection.

Server Specifications 


Intel i7 7700K & AMD Ryzen 7 3800X


DDR4 2666 MHz



Live Channel 

Available Payment Methods

Charge your balance easily and securely with the following payment methods: