TeamSpeak Reseller Hosting

With us, you have the opportunity to become TeamSpeak Reseller, which means you can offer your customers TeamSpeak server cost-effectively.

Your advantage as a reseller with us are, among other things, that you have low licensing fees, you do not have to worry about the technical setup of your instance and your instance is always kept on the latest server version.

Become Reseller
  • Reseller conditions

  • Full Admin Server Query Access
  • Reseller web Interface access
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Location: Germany (FFM)
  • OVH Anti Game-DDoS Protection
  • 100 Slots Minimum Purchase
  • 10,00€ Setup fee (once)
100 Slots 0,14€
500 Slots 0,13€
1.000 Slots 0,12€
5.000 Slots 0,11€