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For your game server, whether it's just for you and your friends or for a large community, INSTANTHOST is the perfect choice. We are gamers ourselves and therefore know exactly what matters! Start today in a few steps with your game server.

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Minecraft TITAN

Quality without compromise

Your server on best gaming hardware

With us your server is powered by high quality gaming hardware with fast SSD or NVMe storage, high CPU clock speeds as well as a fast internet connection.

  • SSD Memory
  • DDoS protection
  • Gaming Hardware
  • Reasonable price
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • 7 locations worldwide
Rent server

Minecraft Server

Starting at only
2,50 € / month

Valheim Server

Starting at only
9,99 € / month

ARK Server

Starting at only
17,99 € / month

Rust Server

Starting at only
12,99 € / month

CS:GO Server

Starting at only
4,99 € / month

Garry's Mod Server

Starting at only
4,99 € / month

Eco Server

Starting at only
9,99 € / month

The Forest Server

Starting at only
6,99 € / month

Conan Exiles Server

Starting at only
9,99 € / month

Unturned Server

Starting at only
4,99 € / month

Satisfactory Server

Starting at only
9,99 € / month

Terraria Server

Starting at only
3,99 € / month

Game server in our new Gamepanel

As a proud owner of a game server at INSTANTHOST, you will benefit from our innovative Gamepanel. The Gamepanel is the ideal tool for the management & administration of your game server. No matter if you quickly change the Minecraft version with the push of a button or easily load new plugins in the plugin manager - the Gamepanel won't let you down and is a must-have for every server owner.

  • Live Console
  • (Automatic) Backups
  • Extensive file management
  • Sub-user accesses

Locations all over the world

Whereever you live

With our variety of locations, you can always offer the lowest latency to your friends and community and increase the fun on your server. We offer servers around the globe, so you can always choose the best one. Even your community from other regions can be offered a place to play from one source.


Game DDoS Protection

The OVH Game DDoS
Protection optimized by us reliably protects your server.

Regular updates

Our game panel is under constant development to provide new features.

Full file access

With us you have full access to
all files of your server.

Online immediately

After payment you will receive your
server within seconds.


You get our servers prepaid.
This way you don't take any risk.

Guaranteed resources

Poor performance due to overbooked servers?
Not with us! The booked performance is guaranteed.

Gaming processors

Unlike many other providers, we
exclusively rely on CPUs optimized for gaming.

NVMe Storage

NVMe storage in RAID array provides a
secure and super fast base for your server.

Innovative Management

What good are all the other features...
... without our innovative game panel!

Feedback is what drives us

Our goal: customer satisfaction as well as continuous improvement

4.8 out of 5.0 stars